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  1. Handbag Cleaning 101

    We are washing our hands more than ever, but what about our handbags? Keep your bag clean with these 4 easy tips.

    Tip #1 – Organize your bag

    Empty all pockets, sort and throw away any trash, sponge down essentials that will need to go back in your bag, shake gently to remove dust and debris.

    Tip #2 – Clean and disinfect your bag regularly

    On the interior, use a lint roller and wipe with damp, warm, soapy sponge or use alchohol-free wipes. Be sure to use proper leather cleaners as applicable. Always take it to a leather expert to tackle tough stains or damage repair for that matter. Make sure to use leather cleaners to polish and care for your leather handbags and accessories only.

    Tip #3 – Handle everything that goes into your bag with care

    Makeup containers must be properly sealed and placed in a separate pouch or ziploc, unwrapped food should never be put in your bag. Remember, your iPhone, used tissue, and money carry germs, too.

    Tip #4 – Keep your bag off of contaminated tables or surfaces

    Keep bags off of kitchen counters and dinner tables at home, in a restaurant, or any other food and drink establishment. Never put your bag on the the floor.

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  3. br x you

    It's 2020. Here's a little inspiration from to take you into the new year.

    Styling: 3012 Fashion Ave.

    Image: Siege Strategic

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  6. LV Opens Leather Bag Factory in Texas

    Louis Vuitton has further globalized its production by opening a 100,000-square-foot factory in Keene, Texas to make its monogrammed canvas and leather handbags. According to a release from the company, the push behind the move to was to “meet the ever-growing demand for Louis Vuitton products in the American market” and is part of a Trump administration initiative to create more jobs in America.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal, The Cut, Fox Business