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Street Style

  1. Black is the perfect backdrop

    There's nothing like a statement accessory to take even the smartest of looks to new levels of chic. This monochromatic look would have been gorgeous on it's now - but the belt bag's straight lines and vivid color - punches it up just enough to make it 100% Instagram-worthy.

  2. Very tiny handbags

    Micro or mini bags are making big waves everywhere from the runway to the street, and there is no sign of this trend going away anytime soon. These exquisite micro and mini bags are the chic must-have to complete any outfit with extra cuteness. A quick and easy recipe for street-style success: the ever-covetable GG Marmont in petrol blue, a floral-print dress, and just the tiny yet mighty Jacquemus Le petit Vanity bag in yellow.

  3. Smooth operator

    The luxe fabric known as velvet continuing its reign into Fall 2018. This gorgeous Gucci petrol blue velvet pairs beautifully with a soft floral print and a neutral top allowing the bag to really pop.

  4. Velvet Crush

    The GG Marmont in Gucci's rubin red velvet adds a dramatic touch to any outfit though the less daring of you might feel it intimidated to wear, especially for daytime. To make it work for every day, pair it with trendy, understated silhouettes like a simple unstructured floral day dress, light leather jacket... and you'll see velvet doesn’t have to feel so fancy. Or mix with different textures like these suede sneakers, rather than making too much of a statement.

  5. Let's talk business

    We are pleased to announce that the founder of Bag Romance will be the guest speaker at The Camaraderie NYC’s upcoming April Cocktail Party.

    She will chart the highs and lows of getting a new business venture off the ground, sharing her startup journey as a female entrepreneur in an ever changing business landscape.

    Advanced registration is required The Camaraderie NYC’s website.

    When: Tuesday, April 24, 2018 19:00

    Where: Spaces 1740 Broadway, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10019

  6. Work it

    We’re inspired once again by Misty of 3012 Fashion Ave. who absolutely nails this work chic look incorporating the Céline Nano luggage handbag in multicolor baby grained calfskin from the Bag Romance collection. Let us know your thoughts!