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From the time of its inception in Paris by Francois Goyard in 1853, Maison Goyard has maintained its preeminent position as the creator of the finest luggage and handbags. Dedicated to excellence, Goyard stays true to its heritage using traditional methods and techniques stemming back to the 18th century.

Maison Goyard remains the only luggage-maker to perpetuate the tradition of hand painting or marquage of the owner’s design of choice (initials, stripes…) on a chosen bag or trunk, as it was done more than 160 years ago for the aristocracy.

With the creation of the signature coated canvas Goyardine in 1892, Goyard became known for its ingenuity and soon after was honored with many prestigious awards at the International Fair of 1900, World Fair of 1915, International Decoratif Arts Fair in 1925, and many more.

In its pursuit of classic elegance, Maison Goyard upholds the highest standards of craftsmanship, utilizing fine materials from its native France to produce a timeless treasure to be appreciated now and generations to come.

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