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After Care


Your product is very precious to us and deserves the same care and affection from you each and every day. With such consideration, and a few simple precautions, you may enjoy your handbag for many years to come.

To keep your handbag beautiful as the years pass, it is best to rotate its use periodically. This will allow the product adequate time to rest as frequent, uninterrupted, and generous wear may cause the materials to break down in an untimely manner.

Leather and canvas is best kept away from elements such as water, oil, perfume, direct heat and light, humidity, or environments that are too hot or too cold. Prolonged exposure to such elements may provoke unwanted damage or premature wear. When in contact with water, wipe immediately with a soft cloth to avoid saturation.

Repeated contact with hard or rough surfaces (floors, such as carpets, rugs, walls) may cause the appearance of scratches and worn grain on corners and areas of greatest wear. Prolonged contact to dark or highly pigmented materials can transfer onto the surface of your leather or canvas product. It is best to limit the exposure to such surfaces and materials to preserve the original look and feel of your product.

At Bag Romance we take great pride in our products, savoir-faire, and the exceptional care services we are able to offer our clients. We are happy to provide additional information or services to your pieces. Email for free personalized handbag care recommendations. We’d love to help!


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